I seriously tried to not give Spy a 5. I thought of excuses like, it needed more gadgets, McCarthy’s voice is annoying, Statham needed more screen time. But none of those are a fair point to drag this movie down with. Although, I definitely could have used more Statham, but that’s the girl in me. I can honestly say I see McCarthy in a new light and would love to see this movie a few more times before it leaves theaters. I stand by my 5.

As soon as the movie opens it’s action. You get guns, explosives, hi-tech gadgetry, devilishly handsome men, and speed boats (which almost all spy movies have, amIright?). Spy is everything you want in a spy flick, with a little something extra. Comedy.

I’d be lying if I told you I had high hopes for this one. As much as I love Jason Statham, I dislike Melissa McCarthy. I won’t go into the why’s at this time, just be aware. I was ready for 2 hours of cringe-worthy and corny dialogues and screechy McCarthy voice.
Instead, I got 120 minutes of 100% unadulterated fun.
The beginning is entertaining, with McCarthy’s character, Susan Cooper, sitting at a computer leading Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through a mission. Their banter is adorable, they have chemistry as a team.
But things go wrong when Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), an arms dealer who is trying to sell a small nuke to the highest bidder, reveals that she knows the identities of all of the CIA’s top agents, and then kills Fine.
With all of their best agents compromised, Cooper volunteers to assist in stopping Boyanov and the CIA head (Allison Janney uncredited) allows it.
Rick Ford (Jason Statham) is a compromised agent who doesn’t agree with the decision to let Cooper take on the mission and wants to complete it himself. He ends up getting in Cooper’s way and makes himself look like a fool most of the time. Overall I would sum him up in one word: Goofy.
But Cooper proves herself to everyone (including herself) and ends up being a kickass agent.
I spent the majority of this movie with a smile on my face or a laugh in my belly. When McCarthy and Byrne have dialogue, it’s beyond entertaining. I wish I had thought to write down all of the insults. Statham and McCarthy also have amusing scenes. By no means is it a family movie, but do yourselves a favor. If you have kids, get a babysitter because this movie is a must see.

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