Minions could be seen as a big risk for Universal. Despicable Me was great and some of the best comedic parts were with the goofy little yellow sidekicks the minions. Can they pull off taking a small bit part and use them in a whole movie and keep you interested?  The answer is, OH YES! Universal and Illumination Entertainment have created an amazing world where you want to keep visiting, and now they tell it through the point of view of the little guys. They do a very great job of making the Minions a whole group but you see the personalities within the group when you get down to your three main characters, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

Set in the late 70s, our three minions arrive in New York and must make their way to Orlando for VillainCon, where they hope to meet their new boss.

Scarlet was the first female super-villain, and works with the gadgets her husband Herb, voiced by John Hamm, invents. She is now in search of henchmen to assist her in her crimes, and the minions manage to win that honor. Obsessed with the monarchy of England since she was a girl, Scarlet set her lair up close to London so she could one day overthrow the queen. Somehow, in true minion style, Bob ends up as the king and Scarlet sets her sights on revenge.

The cast of voice actors are spot on. With big names in the cast sometimes you run into hearing someone’s voice and it takes you out of the film for a second. In Minions this does not happen. For example, you hear the voice of Scarlett Overkill and all you hear is that character.

The comedy in this film is spot on and wonderful. It seemed like Illumination went for a more loving feel between the minions, more of a familial touch. Watching them constantly cause the unfortunate demise of one boss after another, hysterical! Their banter together is fun to watch even if you have NO idea what they’re saying.

There are enough jokes for parents and older generations to enjoy, as well as the jokes for the children to keep everyone interested the entire movie. One of the best parts of this movie was being in the actual theater and hearing the harmonious laugher of all the children around me at these minions.

Cinema Wise gives Minions a 3.5 out of 5. Minions is a good night out at the theater for the whole family, the heart of this movie will touch you and also have you laughing from start to finish. Do you have any thoughts on Minions, or are you even interested in this film? Let us know at Cinema Wise on Facebook and Twitter.

This review is a collaboration between Ryan and Marisa.


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