Marvel comes to bat with another superhero that is relatively unknown to the general public and I believe they walk away with another home run! If you have never read an Ant-Man comic in your life, and worry you won’t get the whole story, don’t. Marvel Studios, once again, has created a magnificent stand-alone superhero film. Just like the other Avengers movies, Ant-Man gives you a pretty detailed backstory. It may not be identical to the comic book, but it is pretty close!

Due to “creative differences” the original director, Edgar Wright, who also co-wrote the movie, dropped out of the project. Then the problems came to finding someone to take over as director and this film just seemed to just go down a list and people were turning this project away left and right. However it is Marvel who gets the last laugh and has another great product to come out of their studio.

This movie was beautiful for one reason. It was a true stand alone superhero film. Not once did you have the feeling that they needed to call Iron Man or Thor to help with this situation. This was Ant-man’s story and one only he could solve. The pacing is a little slow at first being that this is an unknown property you need to develop your characters and the writers and director did this perfectly. Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang and is a stand out performance in this film as he shows he also can be a leading man for a film franchise. Michael Douglas is remarkable as the ex-S.H.I.E.L.D agent Dr. Pym. He’s bad ass and doesn’t mind throwing punches. A role that fits Douglas quite well! Evangeline Lily as Pym’s daughter Hope, is truly showing her colors, first in the Hobbit films and now in the superhero world. She does an amazing job playing the strong, feminine fantastical characters. Corey Stoll plays bad guy Darren Cross, and he is brilliant! He’s creepy in a mental sort of way, it’s impressive.

Not only was the casting well done, even if some of them were second choices, the story is well written. The dialogue is witty and flows well between the characters, it feels natural and the comedy in the film is used at all the right times. It seems that Marvel has the formula for making great films over and over again and we as the audience are not getting tired of it. There wasn’t a lot of action in this movie until the third act of the film but it is worth the train montages and the build up to it.

The only complaint regarding this movie, is the villain’s ability to just hop into a similar suit to Ant-Man’s and use it like a pro. Lang goes through extreme training to use the suit, and he’s still not an expert by the final scenes. But seemingly without any training what so ever, the villain is able to use everything at his disposal flawlessly. If there had been a small scene with Cross training in the suit, it would have worked better.

Overall Ant-Man is a theater experience you must see.  Cinema Wise gives Ant-Man a 4.15 out of 5. Bravo Marvel. Make sure you stop by and comment on Cinema Wise’s Facebook Page and Let us know what you thought of this Film.

This review is a collaboration between Ryan and Marisa.

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