‘Trainwreck’ has a very funny premise but somehow ended up falling short. The comedy in this movie is not very well thought out, it is just cheap lines and gets old. The comedy feels forced it is not what you would expect from Judd Apatow. The movie is written by its star, Amy Schumer, so you can feel her stamp all over this movie. The dialogue is short, choppy and doesn’t have very much weight throughout the film.

Schumer, while great at what she does in the stand-up realm, needs a little bit more time to develop her skills as a leading lady. It did not work in this movie for me. The story was long and there were times where one would find themselves removed from the story. The movie left quite a bit to be desired.  The funniest parts of this film were shown all through the marketing of this film.

One of the positive points from this film is Bill Hader. He is the one actor that really gives a believable performance and it just is not met by the rest of the cast. With a cast full of professional comedians it’s kind of sad that the cameos made by John Cena and LeBron James are some of the best comedy moments.

Overall ‘Trainwreck’ falls short of its goals and has a few cheap laughs but really nothing else to offer. We give this movie a 2 out of 5. Pass it over on Netflix and it is not worth the money you pay to see it in theaters.

This review brought to you by Ryan.

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