Paper Towns

‘Paper Towns’ is based off of a book written by the same author who gave us ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. If you’ve seen Stars then you know it was an emotional roller coaster that was beautiful and sad and wonderful. ‘Paper Towns’ is much different. And not in a good way.

If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be “meh”. The plot is your typical teenage drama regarding some “love” interest, but one of them is quirky and unpredictable and the other is straight-edged and boring. Which is how I felt through the whole movie, bored.

The only thing gathered by the trailer is that a boy likes a girl who disappears. Which leaves you guessing what happened to her. Was she kidnapped? Murdered? At least the trailer gets you interested. Unfortunately it’s unrewarding. The boy wants to find out what happened to the girl and goes on an “adventure” (which is a generous word for it) with his friends.

I’ll give the author this though, the ending is different from your regular teenage romantic drama. No spoilers I promise, we don’t do that. Despite the unfamiliar ending, this movie was still incredibly bland. The actors and actresses all played their roles well, and were occasionally entertaining. But you can’t fix a broken story with some giggle worthy moments brought to you by a handful of unknown actors.

Overall this movie was disappointing and uninteresting. We’re giving ‘Paper Towns’ a 2.75 out of 5. Don’t waste your money on it. If you’re curious, wait until it hits Netflix or your regular TV channels.

This review brought to you by Marisa.

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