Here we go again, another Adam Sandler film. First impression; not as bad as I thought. I expected to feel like a kid sitting in a sand box while the bigger kids shoved sand down my underpants. But this time I was just getting it poured on my head. The movie premise is great and I think that if they took a different approach and had better acting in the film it could have been a slam dunk.
The nostalgia is there, the cameos are great. But then the rest leaves you wanting more. The plot points are predictable and you just feel like you are going through this film and someone is checking things off of a clipboard. The jokes in this film don’t hit any kind of funny note. And the rest of the writing on this one was just bad.
There are only three things I can say this movie does well. This movie is shot well and looks great. And the only character that was worth watching was, surprise, surprise, Peter Dinklage. He delivers a good performance with what he was given. As for Adam Sandler, it’s just the same old worn out characters. I wish he would stop playing the slacker who has potential and just did something different. I think we all want to like an Adam Sandler movie again but he is making it hard by phoning it in and not showing us anything new.
Overall Pixels is an okay film to watch. For what it is, it’s the best Adam Sandler film to come out in a while. Your children will be entertained and it is not the worst experience ever. I would not spend the money to see it in the theaters but I would watch it at home on Netflix if I could not find anything else to watch. I give Pixels a 2.75 out of 5.
This review brought to you by Ryan.

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