Here is another road trip movie with one ultimate destination: Wally World. Wally world is a family friendly amusement park with the popular velociraptor roller coaster. You don’t have to see any of the other ‘Vacation’ films to understand this one, it is a movie we can all relate to. I remember taking trips as a child so the family could bond but they were never this awful. The hijinks in this film are well placed and well thought out. In addition, this film is very self-aware. It knows exactly what it is and can make some jokes about it within the movie which is refreshing.

Ed Helms is the driving force in this movie. He nails this performance as the awkward dad. It makes you squirm and you really are embarrassed for his family throughout the film. Christina Applegate was actually a letdown in the film as the mother because she has always had good comedic timing in the past, but in this one she’s lacking. For me, her performance fell short and could have been much more humorous. The sons were another positive in this cast. Steele Stebbins was a surprise as the little brother and was really enjoyable to watch as he belittles his older brother throughout the film. Skyler Gisondo is an actor that I have enjoyed in the past. He is always solid in his bit parts and has a wide range of skills. With Vacation, he just proves he can do it all. He was excellent as the quirky teen who is awkwardly trying to figure out girls. In my opinion, Gisondo will be an actor to watch over the years. The cameos are great in the film with the surprise of Chris Hemsworth actually having some comedic chops in him.

The story in the film is pretty linear. There are no big twists and turns. However, from the start of the film you will get some laugh out loud moments that continue until the very end. I give Vacation a 3.25 out of 5.

This review brought you by Ryan.

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