Hitman Agent 47

‘Hitman Agent 47’ is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller, but I wouldn’t say it kept me at the edge of my seat. I mean, the fight sequences were pretty entertaining, they showed off some slick moves. However, some of the fights were not very well executed, and they looked as if they were done by amateurs. The dialogue was also weak. Many times the conversations between the main characters felt forced, even some of the movements and body language weren’t natural.

I did like Rupert Friend in the role as Agent 47. But then, how hard is it to play an unfeeling assassin? Timothy Olyphant did it brilliantly in the first one too. Hannah Ware was a disappointment to me. I think most of the failed dialogue and body language was done by her. I haven’t seen her in anything else but ‘Cop Out’ and even that was not a memorable performance. But to be completely honest, Zachary Quinto was the biggest disappointment in this film. I love him as Spock. I think he plays that role to perfection. It’s the complete opposite in this role as John Smith. Perhaps it was a disconnect between him and the character, but he just did not play this role well.

The story is a little predictable. And also left a bunch of unanswered questions. I would be interested to see how they answer them in a sequel.

Despite everything negative, I still thought it was a fun movie to watch. The crazy moves in some of the fights will leave you either laughing or cringing (with the idea of the pain it inflicted). And the chase scenes are breathtaking as well. I wouldn’t see it in theaters again. If there was nothing else on television and I needed a quick reprieve from life before bed I might turn it on for a few minutes. If you want to see it in theaters, go to the matinee for the cheaper fare. But make sure you take everyone who wants you to see it with them because it’ll be the only time you’ll want to go.

Cinema Wise gives ‘Hitman Agent 47’ a 3 out 5. Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter (@cinema_wise).

This review brought to you by Marisa.

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