The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Have you read “The Maze Runner” books? We haven’t. Apparently we need to since ‘Scorch Trials’ is completely different.  You would think this one was supposed to be similar to the first one, in that it is supposed to be a TRIAL (the maze was indeed a trial). In ‘Scorch’ it is a self-imposed trial. But that is not how it goes in the book. Screen writers generally have to stray from the path of the book’s story line due to cost, time, money, etc., this is apparently an abomination. This is the movie review though, so let us get to it!

“The Scorch Trials” was a big leap from the first movie. It will draw you in and keep you there, at the edge of your seat. The movie picks right up where “The Maze Runner” left off. Learning from the mistakes of the first movie, and were able to improve upon them here.

One of the big positives is the character growth of Thomas from the first movie to the second (Ryan really wanted to punch him in the face during the first film). Dylan O’Brien does a great job in playing the reluctant hero. He had this role of leader thrown on him and now he has accepted it and is moving forward. Wes Ball (Director) does a great job of pulling this performance out of Dylan.

Ki Hong Lee is comic relief and his lines are actually funny at the right moments.  The other guys are a little less featured but they were great in ‘Maze’ and they are wonderful in ‘Scorch’.  Kaya Scodelario was a disappointment in the first one, and she is no better in the second. She does not appear to be a strong female lead and delivers a weak performance in the few scenes she actually has. We get a better look at Patricia Clarkson as WCKD’s leader. She plays it so well!  And Aidan Gillen should be a pro at this role since it is similar to his “Game of Thrones” character (when you see it you will know why, if you watch GoT).  This unfortunately might bring you out of the story for a moment since the roles are so similar. He also seems to have a harder time switching off the accent. The introduction of the new characters is also well done and no one really feels like they were just thrown into the film to have a big name in there.  Giancarlo Esposito and Rosa Salazar create a new element that will be exciting to see play out. However, Rosa also felt a bit weak in her role, but she was stronger than Kaya.

The action sequences are shot beautifully in the film. The visual effects and point of view flips are wonderful and never feel like just bunch of shots thrown together. It flows very organically.

If you have not yet read the books, the backstory is still a bit of a mystery. We were told about the Earth’s history and why it was in its’ post-apocalyptic state by someone who has read the books. ‘Scorch’ does not give you any more information regarding that, but they show you what the adults are so afraid of and working on the cure for. It is definitely easy to see why the adults are looking for a cure once they give you that image! After the movie Marisa had to run to her front door once she got out of her car out of fear of some crazy ex-human thing running at her. This may mean that there is a lot of story yet to come with how much ‘Scorch’ deviates from the book and leaves out.

“The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” is action-packed and intense science fiction. It’s well worth it to see this film in the theater. It gives it that extra “oomph”! We look forward to the next installment! Cinema Wise gives it a 3.1 out of 5. Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter! And now we’re on Instagram @cinema_wise!

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