The Intern

Some may say it is because I am a woman and so I’m more susceptible to all the feels, and emotions that this comedy takes you through. But this was seriously a heartwarming and love-able story. We are used to seeing Robert De Niro in the hard-ass, tough-guy roles. Not here. He is so endearing in his role! If you liked him before you will likely love him even more after you see this. Anne Hathaway has proved on more than one occasion that she is an extremely dynamic actress. She does not disappoint here. It is reminiscent of her role in “The Devil Wears Prada” but that only hits you at the beginning. She is the strong leader in this film, nothing like Miranda, but she owns her role. You empathize with her and root for her through all of her ups and downs. Both of these actors prove that they are more than capable of bringing any emotion to the screen. You will laugh and cry with them, but never feel like their emotions are forced.

The story is well told through dialogue and setting. Everything flows well and character chemistry is on point. There are a bunch of little stories within the major story, but it all fits organically within the main storyline. I am amazed at how well they pulled that off. Sometimes other movies get focused on another minor story within the film and it does not serve a major purpose to the plot. I was so happy with how this movie flowed.  It is an absolutely beautiful take on something totally new and it touches on many subjects that are extremely under-sold in the movie industry (strong female leads that have heart and character for instance).

“The Intern” is one of the best films I have seen all year. It is not an action packed thriller, but it is still a fun movie to check out. Cinema Wise gives this film a 4.2 out of 5. See it in the theater if you have the time!

This review brought to you by: Marisa 

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