Steve Jobs Review

Apparently Steve Jobs was a very interesting guy. We have now seen several movies dedicated to showing his life and achievements. If you go by accuracy standards, it is hard to know if any of them are 100% or even 95% accurate. From the rumors I hear of this particular film, “Steve Jobs” has many inaccuracies regarding the way that Jobs is portrayed. And while it’s aggravating to have to determine what is fact or fiction while you are watching a movie that is supposed to be a biopic, I mostly want to tell you that this actually had a pretty decent storyline, and many of the events I believe are still true.

I adore Michael Fassbender. It was said that during one of the scenes, he actually made the director cry. Not for anything bad, but for being as good as he is. I am astounded with Fassbender’s range as an actor. He is brilliant as Jobs. I could go on about how talented he is, but we can move on for your sake. I didn’t realize that Kate Winslet’s character was Polish. It’s hard to tell in the previews, and at the beginning of the movie it’s less obvious. She did a very good job except for the parts where it was hard to tell she was from Eastern Europe since the accent was not very pronounced. All of the other minor characters were done well too, many played by solid and well-known actors.

Whether the story or portrayal of the main character was dead on or not, it was a good story. It follows Jobs beginning at the launch of the Macintosh through his ups and downs throughout his career at Apple. You get entwined a lot of the time in what’s happening. Unfortunately this meant that I got lost once or twice, but I’m a little slow to catch on to things. No one else in the group seemed to have a problem with some of the things going on though so I have no doubt most of our readers will be fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Steve Jobs”. I wouldn’t say the best way to see it is in the theater, but I definitely recommend catching this one at some point! Cinema Wise gives this film a 3.5 out of 5. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!

This review brought to you by Marisa.

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