The Last Witch Hunter

This movie is one that opens up a wide world of opportunities. It has a different take on witches and what caused the Black Plague. With that premise, I am along for the ride. The movie has some flashes from past and present which only helps the myth and legend that this film is trying to tell.

While this film is mostly dark and gloomy, it still has some beautiful scenes and effects. The Witch Queen is really well done. The dream sequences that happen in the film are shot in a way that as an audience member you know it is just that: a dream sequence. But, you can also see why the characters believe the sequence is real.

This world takes a lot of set up and storytelling which is done so well throughout the film with the dialogue and visuals. While you dive deeper into the story of Kaulder, you might find you are more interested in what he is trying to tell you then you are in the character himself.

I believe that Vin Diesel has found himself falling into another film franchise that will become something great. However, he will need a supporting cast to be as good if not better in any sequels in the future. While this is Diesel’s movie, I think that he is outshined by his co-star Rose Leslie. I have enjoyed her on Game of Thrones and I have wanted to see her on screen more. Let me say, she delivers in this film. She was the most interesting character to me.

While the film is a good action, fantasy film, the movie just leaves you wanting more. If you look at it like I do as a set up film for this world then they ended it just right.  However, if it is a one shot film it leaves you with some questions. I am going to assume we are looking at this film as a set up. I wanted to see some more witches and witchcraft. I wanted more of a back story on some of the things that happen to Kaulder. “The Last Witch Hunter” will leave the audience with just a taste of what hopefully is more to come. While it is an enjoyable film with interesting characters, a good story, and just the right amount of twist; it might be one that you wait to see on Netflix or when it is closer to its way out of the theaters. I wouldn’t say this is one to be rushing out to see. Cinema Wise gives “The Last Witch Hunter” a 3 out of 5.

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