If this is really the end to Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond, it could not have played out any better. The completion of his story is an outstanding addition to the 007 collection. The movie has everything going for it: a stand out cast, a rabid fan base and multiple generations of fans.  So without further Ado, let’s get into Spectre.

This film’s opening shot is a beautiful masterpiece and certainly set the tone for the rest of the film. The costumes and surroundings catch your interest and then the story line starts to unfold and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The Bond films always seem to take the phrase “Start with a Bang” literally. The story builds on the ground work that the previous three films have established. In my opinion, this story is done perfectly.  There is no point in this movie when a reference to a previous film feels forced or out of place. It is the perfect plot device and moves the current story along. The pacing of this film is flawless with fast paced action and storytelling to achieve a seamless balance.

With an outstanding cast leading this film it was destined for gold. Daniel Craig gives another outstanding performance. Lets talk more about the players surrounding him as they make this movie very strong. I’m not taking anything away from Daniel Craig, but when it comes to Craig I have not seen a bad performance from him so I am always in. Christoph Waltz is a subtle mastermind. Every time he is on screen you can feel everyone around the theater leaning in to hear, or see what he is doing next. David Batista is a presence in this film. Just having him there is all that was needed. With Batista simply on the screen, the gravity of his character was felt by the audience.  However, I believe he only had one line and I would have loved to see more of his character.
Spectre is the conclusion that was needed for this Bond story. A must see in theaters for the heavy fans and the casual watcher. We give Spectre a 4 out of 5.  This is definitely a movie to talk about.

This review is by Ryan Wolfe

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