Mockingjay Part 2

This film franchise has been a great movie going experience, and the last film is no different. You can see that splitting this into 2 movies was the right choice. Obviously, you have to cut corners to make a film adaption of a book, but I feel this one stuck to the book almost perfectly.

You could watch the final two movies seamlessly if you watch Part One right before you get to the theater as Part Two kicks off right where the first one stopped.  We waste no time in picking up where we left off with our heroes, they’re all beat and in a dark place. The movie does a fantastic job of building this world to make you feel like you are actually there. It’s all exactly how I pictured it when reading the books. The CGI is really well done and visually, this movie is excellent. This film moves at a slower pace than the rest, relying on more of the dialogue to tell the story. Don’t get me wrong, the action is there too but you will pick up more from the dialogue in this movie than in the previous films. The dialogue is very powerful and moving at times. Pair that with the great work of these talented actors and actresses and you’ve got a hell of a performance. Each character has their own story. You can see how they each change throughout the film, all in the hopes of freeing Panem and protecting those they care about.  Although the dialogue adds to the story, it’s also is very revealing at some points. This makes it so that some of the later plot points don’t have the power punch or shock factor they were meant to have.

The characters spend a lot of time sitting around plotting their next move and hiding. These sequences are essential to the entire movie, but at times you feel yourself wanting something to happen.  The action sequences are excellent when they do happen. You get introduced to some new elements of destruction called pods. These traps or “pods” are set up around the Capitol to destroy rebels entering the city.  A good portion of the movie is Katniss’s group trying to get through these without dying. The pods were some of the coolest effects and dangers in the film. However, I think they could have been used a bit more. I would have liked to see a couple more of the pods detonate along their journey.

The movie is a great ending to this story and a must see if you have invested the time in the previous movies.  I love the way they stayed true to the book for most of it. There are characters to hate and ones to love. Ones you’ll miss and some you won’t. It is a bittersweet ending. But, it leaves you wanting more of certain elements and maybe a little less of others. Cinema Wise gives Mockingjay part 2 a 4 out of 5.

This Review is by. Ryan & Marisa

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