The Good Dinosaur Review

This movie is quickly going to become another Pixar classic. This movie was not what I had expected. They dove deeper into the switching of the roles between the human and the dinosaurs than I thought they would. It works well within the story and was not just a gimmick for the film it actually drove the story along.

The story is great because you go on a journey with the main character, Arlo, in which you see some great character development. When I had first seen the promos and trailers for the film I thought it would be a story about a boy and his pet (with the roles reversed). However, you get taken on an emotional ride with some pretty big adult lessons. This film can be enjoyed by all ages as there is something in it for everyone. There are moments throughout the film that are for the adults, and others that are just for the kids, but when these moments happen neither group is forgotten about.

I am very impressed with this film’s voice acting because the producers did not attach a big name actor to pull in the audience. The movie is great because of the content and in addition, you have some really great voice over work that essentially becomes these characters. You are so wrapped up in the characters that you are not trying to figure out what celebrity is doing the voice. When you’re in the movie, you are in the moments that are happening on the screen.

This film is a must see for the whole family. I believe children of all ages will enjoy this as well as parents. The visuals are stunning with a great story that tugs on your heart and pulls you in. Cinema Wise gives the Good Dinosaur a 4 out of 5.

This Review is by: Ryan Wolfe

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