Star Wars The Force Awakens


This is probably going to be one of the hardest reviews to write for me alongside the upcoming Batman v Superman because I am such a fan of these properties. But here we go, I am going to do my best. First off, I want to say that you do not need to see the previous movies prior to seeing this one. It is brilliant because this is the perfect way to welcome a new generation of fans to the series. In addition to bringing in new fans, this movie is also exactly what the dedicated fans have been waiting for from this series since 1983. From the very beginning of this film you know you are in for a nostalgic experience.

It starts out with everything that makes this a Star wars movie, the crawl, the John Williams score: it’s enough to bring a tear to any fans eye. I really enjoy that from the first beat you are introduced to our new characters. Rey is the standout performance. She grounds the film and from the first time you see her, you feel an immediate connection. You genuinely care for her and you appreciate watching her character develop. The movie is wonderfully paced and the story has a strong footing through the entire film. However, if you have read the books and comics; the “surprises” that a causal film goer will find astonishing are events that you have already experienced to a degree, so their effect is somewhat diminished. The reveal of the old cast is wonderful because each character has their own moment and in that moment you get to reconnect with them.

If you’ve been following the franchise since the beginning, then you know that back when “A New Hope” was released, the graphics were cutting edge. Obviously, there have been quite a few upgrades since those days and this brings a new life to “The Force Awakens”. The graphics that are now produced are so stunning and adapted in this new adventure that when you jump from the old films to this one, you are almost in awe. Original Star Wars lovers may not be into it, but it is cutting edge now and a new generation is going to fall in love with this series in a league with what they have grown up with.

The Score in this film really brings out the action as well as the emotion in each scene. John Williams makes another masterpiece with this one. The new music is just as inspiring as the old. The new version of the Han and Leia theme song is a nice addition and also shows the evolution of these characters over the years. You get the sense that you have grown with them.

Star Wars the Force Awakens is a great film for the whole family. A must see in the Theaters, and on the biggest screen near you. The film is great for new and old fans alike and sets up a great story for this trilogy. Cinema Wise gives Star Wars the Force Awakens a 4.25 out of 5.

This Review is by: Ryan Wolfe & Marisa Winterbottom

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