Daddy’s Home

I have been looking forward to another movie with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell since The Other Guys. I thought they had great chemistry on screen which continued in Daddy’s Home. You should know going in exactly what to expect from a movie with Will Ferrell as the lead: some laugh out loud (and at times completely inappropriate) fun! Add in the intimidating, macho man father, Mark Wahlberg, and you get one laugh out loud comedy. Will Ferrell plays a man that has dreamed of becoming a father all his life but is unable to due to an unfortunate event which left him infertile. While he is trying to be the perfect father to his stepchildren, their real father (Wahlberg) shows up and is effortlessly trying to get his children and wife back. What ensues is a pissing contest to one up each other and claim the title as the best dad.

This movie is exactly what was advertised with no real surprises or twist. The marketing does show you most of the comical parts in the trailers and TV spots, but there are a few hidden gems. However, this did not take away from my experience with the film. The kids in the film actually played a smaller role than I expected. The story focused on each father’s perspective and really didn’t dive too much into the side characters points of view. Seeing the differences in how each father manages certain events in their family’s life is a big positive. The supporting cast was not anything memorable so this film rides even more on Wahlberg and Ferrell.

Daddy’s Home has it’s missed opportunities but all is forgotten thanks to the charm and chemistry of Ferrell and Wahlberg. It’s a laugh out loud time and is absolutely worth a trip to the theater. Cinema Wise gives Daddy’s Home a 3 out of 5.

This review is by Ryan Wolfe

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