Ride Along 2

Another buddy cop comedy, I mean who doesn’t love them. I was looking forward to this sequel to see which direction they took it. I rather enjoyed the first Ride Along. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have great chemistry and comedic timing on screen together so I was all in for the second installment. Ride along 2 fell short for me, not a bad movie but I expected more.

The movie opens up with a great scene reminiscent of the first film and the story takes off from there. The film is exactly what you would expect from a buddy cop film sticking to a formula that works over and over. What makes this film fall short is that the jokes are not all that funny. There are a couple laugh out loud moments but not as many as there should have been with these two actors. The trouble with the marketing is that the funniest moments were shown in the trailer which makes them lose the impact when you see them on the big screen.

The addition of Olivia Munn was nice. However, there is nothing that you don’t already have in the film besides one point where she is used as a plot device. Kevin Hart is right back to the same tricks that you see from his character in the first movie; however, his character had no growth from the first film. It seems that instead of growing from the first one that we have gone backwards. He seems to be more of a rookie in this film compared to the first. It would have been nicely played to see small character growth from him in this film. Ice Cube plays the same character as in the first. However, they make some small adjustments to his character through the film to show the character growth that both of our characters should have had.

Ride Along 2 is a buddy cop comedy that misses the mark just a tad to the left. I would suggest waiting to see this film after its theatrical run and on a night that you are going to spend at home curled up on the couch. Cinema Wise gives Ride Along 2 a 2.5 out of 5.

This review is by Ryan Wolfe

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