Dirty Grandpa

As I was browsing some of the other reviews, I realized that this film has consistently received negative ratings. The folks here at Cinema Wise could not disagree more. This film was a wonderful time at the theater with good friends. This is not a movie for anyone who is easily offended, but that was quite evident from the trailers leading up to the release. It can be rather filthy at times but it is all in good fun and wasn’t out of place or over used. Everything in this film helps drive the story along in a good pacing and you never get bored with the story being told.

Zac Efron is fantastic, again showing that he has become a real actor and not just a Disney kid. This is an actor that should be branching out in more films. Robert De Niro is in great form here. His comedic timing is excellent. The chemistry between these two on-screen gives the film that extra push it needed. In addition, the rest of cast compliments the stars well.

While the premise is simple and some would say a stock film, I believe that it is exactly what this film needed. This story is not anything fancy, it’s just something that anyone could relate to and it’s quite enjoyable.  Some of the jokes and gags in the film are over the top but you can pull that off with this type of humor. While the film can be offensive and raunchy at times, the underlying story has a lot of heart. Despite all the dirty jokes and humor, there are a few heartwarming moments as well.  The underlying story of a grandfather trying to help his grandson find his way in life and essentially finding himself is a concept that pushes this film forward.

This is a film to see with friends, go out and have some laughs. However if you are easily offended this might not be the movie for you because of its foul language and inappropriate humor. The movie is titled “Dirty Grandpa” which is exactly what you get. This film has the heart and the laughs, and with that being said Cinema Wise gives Dirty Grandpa a 3 .25 out of 5.

This Review is by Ryan Wolfe

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