Marvel does it again! Since Star Wars, I have been waiting for 2 movies to come out with high hopes that they knock it out the park. I am happy to say that we are half way there. Deadpool is a much anticipated movie among comic book fans around the world. Let me tell the rest of you who have no idea what this movie is about, do yourself a favor and take a risk and enjoy the ride.

Deadpool is an established character in the Marvel world which means there is a lot of material to choose from when establishing this storyline. This movie perfectly demonstrates how to pick and choose the material you want to incorporate into the movie. This character is what movie goers have been waiting for! Ryan Reynolds embodied the character so well, there was no break or disbelief. The whole time he was on screen he was Wade Wilson.

Deadpool ran smoothly from the opening credits to the end credit scene. The script for this film was fantastic. Every joke that was delivered hits and the tone is what you need for this film to work. Every shot in the film looks amazing and has some great effects. They also took a real risk with having the character break the 4th wall by speaking directly to the audience. However, in this film, they made it work flawlessly. The producers found a way to use it to drive the story along and keep the pacing.

Deadpool is definitely an adult superhero movie. Cinema Wise urges parents to leave the children at home for this one, the language and jokes are not kid-friendly. Deadpool is fun, clever, action packed and for all movie fans, not just for the superhero fans. This movie is a must see in theaters! Cinema Wise gives Deadpool a 4.25 out of 5.

Review By: Ryan Wolfe

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