Zoolander No. 2

Zoolander No.2 fails to hit the mark that the first one did with its lovable characters and outrageous story line. The sequel took a premise that was already walking a tight rope and just cut the rope. This movie falls flat with jokes that do not hit the mark at any point in time during this film.

The plot of the film is something that really could have worked however it just wasn’t funny. I believe that if the jokes were to hit and it was fun throughout the film, then this film could have been great. However, the writers just rehashed the same jokes from the first film and they were not funny the second time around.

The cast of this film is great and you would expect them to make it a hit. However, everyone in this film just did not work the second time around. Maybe we have gotten away from this type of comedy and are demanding more from our comedies. But, let’s not be completely negative about the film because it does have some great celebrity cameos. Too bad for Zoolander 2, you need more than a few cameos to have a great comedy, or even a good comedy which I would have settled for.

In closing, this film did not come together. It is too over the top even for Zoolander. Not a single joke hits so you are left with old jokes that no one cares about and a dumbed-down plot that could have had a chance if executed differently. We advise you to skip this at the theater and even on Netflix or other streaming platform. I don’t think I would even stop for a run on TNT or FX. Cinema Wise gives Zoolander No. 2 a 1.25 out of 5.

Review By: Ryan Wolfe

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