Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I have been waiting for this film to come out for quite some time. (I am going to put out a general disclaimer now that I am a die-hard superman fan.)

Going into this film I had a couple of concerns. Now, I must admit that my concerns are probably a little deeper than most of the general public, as I have had a relationship with these characters from years of reading the comic books. My first and greatest concern is that the film portray the relationship between these characters as they are in the original source material. This is a crucial component to depict accurately because this is the core of who these characters are as individuals and as a team. Specifically, the relationship that develops between our title characters; Batman and Superman. A couple of my other concerns were: Would the studio play it safe and make this film’s star be Batman as over the years he has become the most successful DC Comics property they own? As an actress who has not been astoundingly successful, would Gal Godot be able to pull of this iconic female role as Wonder Woman and make the audience fall in love with her?

Well, my fears and questions have been answered and this film delivers beyond a doubt for me. Warner Brother and their DC Comics properties are headed down the right road. Batman v Superman has direction and purpose throughout this film and never takes a turn down a path where you do not know what is going on. Zack Snyder’s objective on this film is great and he does a skillful job of showing this conflict from both Superman’s and Batman’s point of view.

Gal Godot has done what most critics said she couldn’t do (Including myself). I had doubts that she could handle the role of Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman. Well, she has us all eating our words and I could not be happier about it! Gal Godot nails the part of Wonder Woman, point blank and period. Another actor that will impress you in this film is Jesse Eisenburg. Jesse Eisenburg had a challenging role of portraying a young Lex Luthor. Well, he was very convincing and impressive which is a great accomplishment. A very well done, layered and dark villain as they should be. He really drives home the part of an intellectual threat and not a physical threat. As expected, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill give outstanding performances as co-leads. When you go through this film and are introduced to characters, every character that you meet has a purpose and is not just thrown into this film for the sake of having characters.

Batman v Superman is the perfect building block for the DC cinematic universe and next installment to this story. The film is visually stunning, well written and beautifully performed. The film keeps you wanting to know what is next. This film is a must see for any comic book fan and movie fan alike; from the most knowledgeable of a fan to the casual movie goer. Cinema Wise gives Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a 5 out of 5.

Review by Ryan Wolfe

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