Neighbors 2

Here we go with another comedy sequel that will leave you with no expression and no feeling but that you wished you had done something better with your time. I’m disappointed in this film because I usually enjoy these actors and actresses. But, I probably should have expected this. Neighbors 2 is a duplication of the first film with some slight variations.

The cast is great, outside of this movie. This time around the chemistry just wasn’t there and everything felt forced. The new characters were not really likeable to me and seemed half-way thought out. At one moment Shelby is a good girl on her own for the first time in college and then she is suddenly a weed smoking bad girl. It seems like these characters were rushed and they are not developed well at all. I think that this is the biggest problem with the film. You cannot get attached to any of these characters and want to cheer for them. There are some plot points that take you out of this film and back to the first one where you find yourself wondering what happened then it is quickly explained through some dialogue that is just terrible. While there is very little story, there is also very little comedy to make up for the lack of plot. The film needed some heavy jokes and it had none to drive it. The jokes that were in the film fell flat.

Neighbors 2 does nothing to expand on the original story it is just more of the same. If you really enjoyed the first film then this is a movie you will enjoy. However, if you thought it was just okay I would pass on this one in the theaters and wait for it on your home video streaming platforms. Neighbors 2 is flat, lacking story and just a bore, Cinema Wise gives it a 2 out of 5.


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