X-Men : Apocalypse


This franchise is back on its feet and these films just keep getting better and better. Even with them still phasing out the old cast and bringing in the younger cast they have found a wonderful way that works, services the overall story and develops the characters. The film is part of a series that stands alone at the end of the day and is not just leading you into another film. This was a huge plus for me because that helps the re-watch ability when it comes out on blu ray and dvd.

The film is nicely paced and action packed. The effects are as they should be: Amazing. They really take the time to let you see everything that is happening as well as match it with great dialogue. The producers really took the time to explain things that needed to be explained without making the audience feel dumb for now knowing the source material.

There are a lot of new characters as well as old characters in this film. Even though every character did not have a big moment in the film, they were all used to progress the film and never did it feel like they were just thrown in to the film. Every character served a purpose to the overall story. It was very well put together. It was really nice to see some of our favorite characters come back. As far as the younger cast coming in, I believe they are making all the correct moves and setting this franchise up for long standing success in the years to come.

X-Men: Apocalypse is a great standalone film while at the same time driving the franchise forward as well. The film is a must see in the theaters. Cinema Wise gives X-Men Apocalypse a 4 out of 5.


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