Warcraft has been a movie that could be the turning point in making video game properties into great franchises in Hollywood. So, needless to say, this film had a lot riding on its shoulders. When it came down to opening night and the stage lights are bright, Warcraft seemed to stumble under the pressure. Looks like that job will now fall onto Assassins Creed. Now, this film is not the worst film I’ve ever seen. It has some really great things about it.

I will admit I am unfamiliar with this world and these characters, but from what I’m being told by people who play the game, they did a good job nailing these characters down from the original source material. However, once you get into the film the introduction of the characters feels a bit rushed. On the other side of the same coin, you can get really attached to these characters. The cast of this film is one of the biggest positives about this film. The best performance is coming out of the motion capture performance of Toby Kebbell. He really draws you in and makes you care about his character, Durotan. For me this was the strongest character to connect with through this story.

The other huge positive is that this film looks amazing and you really do feel like this world can exist. The orcs were my favorite part of the film they each had their own personality and they were just one model. This made the world feel real.

Warcraft feels rushed but is a good story. If you have no experience with this world, don’t worry, you won’t feel lost. If you are unsure about this film, I would suggest to skip the theater and wait for it on demand or one of your streaming devices.  Cinema Wise gives Warcraft a 3 out of 5.

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