Wonder Woman

She has finally made it to the big screen! A film that generations of fans have been waiting for is finally here. The were a lot of eyes on this film, as the track record with the new D.C. universe has not had the best start. Films such as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were not well received by most critics. Also, there is the surrounding controversy of having a female lead blockbuster, which I believe is complete garbage. I have been a Wonder Woman fan for years and I have read the comics so my expectations were pretty high and might be harder to reach than others. I was very interested to see how Gal Godot would do carrying this character and movie due to her limited acting resume.

This movie is exactly what Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics needed. The movie was everything I wanted and more. It looked beautiful. From paradise island to the period piece portion of the film it was all flawless. The film was one coherent story in which it was a blast to follow the journey and growth of our heroine. Having this film directed by Patty Jenkins was a store of brilliance! It sounds like a no brainer on my end as who better to tell a story about a woman than a woman!  This movie flows and does not have a single hiccup. Plus, the story keeps the viewer engaged through the entire two hours and twenty-one minutes of the film.

Gal Godot has done what many thought she wouldn’t be able to do. I can see why she was cast as Wonder Woman. Every time she is on screen she pulls you in. She embodies this character to the letter! She is powerful, graceful, caring and beautiful in every sense, and don’t forget down right bad ass! For me she disappeared into this character. Needless to say I want to see more!

There is no overshadowing her this is 100 percent Wonder Woman’s story. Wonder Woman is a blast and a must see in theaters for multiple viewings. If there was a movie to get behind to show that women can do it just as good as men, this is the film to get behind. Cinema Wise gives Wonder Woman a 5 out of 5.

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