Baby Driver

Baby Driver is a spectacle from the opening credits to the end credits. The film is a wonderful example of the narrative and characters coming together in just the perfect mix. There is really no fat on this film. Every scene drives the story forward. This is the way a heist film should be and Baby Driver will be talked about for years to come with its predecessors.

The acting in this film is great! Every character is believable and at no point did you think that these were actors in a movie: it all felt real. This film was carried by a relatively unknown actor, Ansel Elgort. The fact that he was able to make himself believable and stand up next to one of the greats like Kevin Spacey is a real accomplishment. I am ready to see this young actor in more roles to come if he keeps giving performances like this. The minor characters in this film were also amazing in the supporting cast roles. The chemistry between every actor and actress working on this film was felt and went very far in making this film feel real.

But I believe that the Music and story in this film were made for each other. The song collection just seemed to drive this film in the direction it needed to go and at times gave it a kick into the next gear that we all wanted. This is almost the perfect marriage, I would be willing to bet if you took all the dialogue out of the film and just had what we where seeing on screen with the score and the sound track playing, nothing would be lost. The story and the music were just the perfect push and pull for each other and really made this film

Baby Driver is a movie that is truly something special and must be seen in a theater. It is shot, scored and directed beautifully. Cinema Wise gives Baby Driver a 4 out of 5.

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  1. Dan O. says:

    It’s a fun movie no matter what. Nice review.


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