Dunkirk is a great historical moment. It was nice to see this story brought to the big screen. But, to be completely honest, I wanted more from this film. There was no sense of attachment to the characters in this film and we only got a glimpse at the actual event. The film was flat and did not have very much dialogue. The story shifted between 3 sets of characters which could have worked if there was some way for us to connect with them.

The film is shot beautifully. The time period and look of the film is wonderful and makes you feel like you are actually there but other than that there is really nothing that pulls you into the film. At every turn, the film seems to be driven by the score which would be great but at times in the film you would feel the build in the music and you would think something big is about to happen but nothing ever comes. It’s disappointing. The few times that there is dialogue in the film it is well used and leaves you wanting more to connect with these characters. There is no one character that drives this film. I just felt distant from the characters the entire film.

Dunkirk is a film that looks like the time period but due to the lack of central characters, there is really no connection to the story or the characters themselves. Dunkirk is a movie I would recommend skipping in the theater and waiting for Blu-ray release or rental. Cinema Wise gives Dunkirk a 2 out of 5.

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  1. Paul Arthur says:

    I agree with you Ryan. This could have been greatly enhanced by tighter focus on the heroic citizen sailors that risked life, limb and livelihood to rush to the aid of their countrymen pinned down in a natural killing field with nowhere to go but “into the sea”! Some great cinematography but no plot line to explain to this generation any of the historical events that resulted in 400,000 French and British soldiers being surrounded by superior German forces in the opening hours of World War II. This event was the very personification of “Patriotism” but was reduced to a battle scene… A stimulating musical score to an underwhelming plot!


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