When I heard that they were remaking It, I wasn’t really all that thrilled. I never thought that this was a movie that I would be rushing out to see in the theater. However, my tone changed the more I saw from the film. The first thing to interest me was that it is relatively a cast of unknowns.  The biggest star power that I could find was Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. The thing that finally hooked me was the first trailer for this film.

In some aspect, the film is very close to the 1990 tv mini series. For example, the scene where Georgie meets Pennywise is almost a shot for shot remake. This film just drops you right back in time. They really captured the look and feel of the Town of Derry in the 1980’s seamlessly. This film is done so well you are never once feeling that you are watching a movie, you are right there experiencing everything with these characters. The cast of this film is amazing. This is what sells the movie. Bill Skarsgård brings a whole new type of Pennywise to the screen.  It is very hard to compare this Pennywise to Tim Curry’s work as they are very different but I really enjoy both takes on the character. Every scene where he is on screen you are on the edge of your seat believing what is happening to these kids. This is all possible because of the kids reactions to Pennywise, and I will say this is the best child acting I have ever seen. There is not a flat moment with these kids. They nail each one of the parts. The Losers club is the driving force in the film and makes It a must see.


The scares are mild especially if you are a horror fan. But I love what they did, because each scare served a purpose to the overall story or an individual character. This made them work for me and because of that added aspect, it was creepier. This film is great from the opening scene to the end credits. Cinema Wise says that It is a must see in theater and is a great way to start off the fall movie season. We give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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