Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was in need of a reboot in both the gaming world as well as on the big screen. We got an amazing reboot of the game that landed with its audience and I believed could easily be transferred to the big screen if all the pieces started to align. The first bit of positive news was that Alicia Vikander was to play our title character of Lara Croft. After her amazing showing in Ex Machina I was in love with this casting. Then, there was news that they based the film off the newly rebooted game series, taking the plot points directly from the game. With all of this, Tomb Raider was a film I became really excited to see.

My assumptions of Alicia Vikander being the driving force in this film were correct. She stepped above my expectations and really drives this character into a new depth. Her performance is the movie. While her co-stars do a good job with their parts they still seem to fall flat when standing next to Alicia.

The plot is changed to better fit the films needs and it was refreshing for me as I have played the game and was ready for some new twists to a great story. However, it seemed to fall short of my expectations.

The film seems a bit choppy in the story telling at times and this may be due to editing or the way the tempo was trying to be managed. However, I still believe that Tomb Raider is a fun time at the theater and a good adventure movie.

This film has a strong lead character that you fall in in love with from her first time on screen. Add that to some beautifully shot action sequences and story points. You have a good time in the theater. Cinema Wise gives Tomb Raider a 3.5 out of 5.

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