Avengers Infinity War

Marvel continues to prove to you that they are a powerhouse in the film industry. They know their properties so well and continue taking risks with every film. They took a risk with taking all of their characters and making them work together in one cohesive film. I was looking forward to seeing how they made this work as you have so many plots flowing through this world that they have created. I was worried that at points one would outshine another. I was amazed that this didn’t happen and these plot points flowed and moved together so well making great character moments. Even the character moments with new characters interacting seems so flawless and organic it was stunning.

The feeling of this film flows so well with the pacing that the ups and downs and twists and turns of the story make this film a marvel to watch (yes, pun intended). The character moments in this film are really what drive this film to greatness. There are moments of levity peppered throughout this film and they are used just the right amount and at the perfect time.

The action in this film works and is beautifully shoot from the choreography, editing, special effects, the color palette, it really looks beautiful at every moment. They action sequences and the imposing threat feels real and you can feel that this moment in the urgency and fear of each character. At points you forget you are watching a comic book movie.

Cinema Wise feels that Avengers Infinity War is a must see in IMAX and in theaters for multiple viewings. Do not wait on this film. It is the best film I have seen so far in 2018. Cinema Wise gives Avengers Infinity War a 5 out of 5.

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