This Film was one that had a very funny premise and with a cast that looked like we could get something special. However, when it came down to the end credits in the theater, it felt a little short and was just another middle of the road comedy that missed on many levels. I wanted to come out loving the film but I couldn’t. The film itself was built on a flimsy plot but it is a simple one that could have been great with strong character moments and taking some time to let us see the relationships between these characters build.

The Relationships between each sets of parents and children is not believable on any level. They miss on making you care for the parents and the girls throughout the film. The girls don’t seem to have the chemistry to make you believe that these characters have been lifelong friends. In addition, it seems that the moments with the parents are forced. It seems like everything is out of place and just thrown together.

Blockers is a film that is rushed and placed together in a sloppy fashion. However the pacing of the film is good. Blockers is a film I would let pass or wait until it hits your digital streaming platforms to view. Cinema Wise gives Blockers a 2 out of 5.

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