Incredibles 2

This is a Film that should have gotten a  green light way before we ever got a Cars 2 or 3 or that planes one they did. We pick up with our Incredible family as superheroes have been outlawed. Through a series of events Elastigirl is pick to help change that.

We watch as Mr. Incredible  tries to hold down the house and kids while his wife is off fighting super villains. This film just with a simple premise extends past my expectations. There is so much emotion and heart in these characters and  that at points you get lost in the fact that this is an Animated movie for kids and families. There are some really deep lessons in the film and the best parts of the film are driven heavily by great character moments and the choices the characters make.

The film is beautifully animated, well paced and enjoyable for all ages. However, I do feel that this film will be more enjoyed by the parents taking their kids to see this film. This film tackles some really adult feelings and concepts that will have you tearing up at certain points in the film. It is a film driven by family and while yes they are superheroes, the situation and feelings that are projected in the film are ones that can be encountered by us every day. This it what makes this film stand out and these characters so loveable and believable.

Cinema Wise gives Incredibles 2 a 3.75 out of 5. A must see in the theaters.

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