It was nice to see one of my favorite comic book characters get a second chance. I was on board with this film from the announcement of Tom Hardy in the lead as Eddie Brock. He is one of my favorite actors working today and I really can not think of a performance I did not like from him. The marketing on this film was kind of low but the first trailer they put out was great and got me on board with the film.

The film is not a traditional origin story of the character but with that being said, I think this was a great new way to introduce Venom. I also like that they gave Venom it’s own personality and they have a Jeckel and Hyde persona going. I enjoyed this dynamic but at the same time I can see where some people will have a problem with this version of Venom.

The only downfall to the film is that Carlton Drake played by Riz Ahmed, was not menacing for me. He was crazy, but more than that he could be described as a minor nuisance. The love story with Michelle Williams is okay but I could take it or leave it. The special effects and the way the movie is shot is beautiful, entertaining, and pulls you into this world.

Venom is a new look at a great character and is a strong performance all around. It is by no means a perfect movie but it has a strong foundation and is enjoyable to watch, possibly for multiple viewings.

Cinema Wise gives Venom a 3 out of 5.

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