Halloween is a soft reboot of the series.  It is picking up 40 years after the events on Halloween night in 1978. I cannot think of a better way to reboot this series. The film is great. It picks up with Laurie Strode dealing with Post Traumatic Stress for over 40 years. We see the lengths of what her fear and paranoia have brought her to and for good reason.

During a transfer to a new facility, Michael Myers escapes and comes back to finish off what he started but this time Laurie is ready and will fight back.

I love the way this film is shot. The subtle call backs to the first film are placed and used in a way that do not feel cheesy. Michael is more menacing than ever and that’s portrayed just like in the classic with some of the violence being carried out off screen or with the audience only seeing the aftermath.

So much of this film is shot to make it seem like a continuation of the story from the opening credits to the score to the way the scenes are shot. The character moments of this film are really well thought out and put together. The score makes the film dark and creepy and just pushes the characters and story along beautifully and it becomes a character of its own. In addition, you will see a lot of subtle details that are well thought out and become nice little Easter eggs.

The cast in the film is good but relies heavily on Jamie Lee Curtis. However, with this being her story it’s hard to say that it isn’t perfectly done. She drives this movie and shows a great range of emotion throughout the film which puts you right in the center of the story and doesn’t let you go.

Halloween is a great addition the the franchise and a great reboot. This is a must see in theaters for multiple viewings. Cinema Wise gives Halloween a 4.5 out of 5.

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