Creed II

This film is the a great way to continue this film franchise. From the first trailer drop it had fans hooked. It was the return of a villian from the franchise but a great way to bring him back. Drago, a son on a mission to reclaim glory for his family and Creed, a son avenging his father. A simple story of how the greatest battles are fought within.

We see the relationship between Adonis and Rocky continue and the struggles they have. This is probably one of the best portrayals of character growth in my opinion. We watch it and at points it is heart wrenching. Sylvester Stallone gives another amazing performance and could possibly be yet again a counter for best supporting actor. I just love the heart he puts into this character and how it has grown throughout the years of this franchise. Michael B.  Jordan gives another stellar performance. Bringing in Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drag is a perfect match. He is physically menacing and with a look is just as dangerous.

The film is paced very nicely and keeps your interest as they collide in the ring. The fight sequences and training montages are shot so well it will make everyone in the theater want to become a boxer. While the story is pretty simple and cut and dry, the character building and character moments are what propel this film to be a great film.

Creed II is a must see, and continues the greatest boxing franchise in a positive way. Cinema Wise gives Creed II a 4 out of 5.

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