This is a movie that I have been waiting on since first seeing Jason Momoa in Batman Vs Superman and Justice League. This is an example of taking a character that was a laughing joke in most comics and on TV, and making him a force to be reckoned with. Since I saw the first images, this new interpretation of Aquaman has made more sense to me than the original version. Being able to bring a character that is mostly underwater to life on our movie screens is no small task.

This film is visually stunning. It is also accompanied by a simple but great story. As a fan of the DC Comics story lines i was fairly familiar with the characters in the story but it was not one that I follow. There was no question as to which character I was watching because James Wan seems to have plucked these characters right off the comic book pages.

The film is paced very nicely but it is a long movie. However, I do not see any area of the film that could have been cut to streamline the film without losing important character moments and plot points. The film is immersive and sucks you in from the opening to the ending. This film with definitely be a mold for what Warner Bros. and DC are looking for in their future films and I do not see why this would not have a sequel fast track just like Wonder Woman.

The cast of the film is entertaining and seems to have great chemistry. The moments created by the actors are a joy to watch while the stunts and special effects of the film take it to another level. This film is the example of what happens when all the right parts are running on all cylinders.

Cinema Wise gives Aquaman a 4.75 out of 5. Aquaman is a must see multiple times in theaters for comic book and non-comic book fans alike.

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