Captain Marvel

With another outing for Marvel studios comes Captain Marvel. This is the studio’s first outing with a female lead superhero and they deliver yet again a solid motion picture. This film is world building for the future and as well as the past in the way that the film is told. The story is a great way to introduce this character without it feeling like an origin story, even though that’s exactly what the film is.

Captain Marvel is not a character that I am familiar with so it was nice to uncover some knowledge about this character and world but just enough to get us through the film and leave you wanting more. The characters are flushed out in a nice pace and they all seem to fit the story really well. There was never a point where someone stood out because they did not belong. The cast delivered a stellar performance and Brie Larson is so strong and beautiful because of that strength which makes this film great to watch. She leads this film and will be one of the stronger players in this new wave of heroes we are getting from the Marvel cinematic universe. Samuel L. Jackson just has flushed out his character more within this story line and it is really well done within the overall story.

Captain Marvel is a solid at bat for Marvel Studios. The film is bright and beautiful to watch while also getting you to invest in these characters more and while making you fall in love with our new heroine. Cinema Wise Gives Captain Marvel a 3.5 out of 5. A must see in theaters and good for multiple viewings.

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