This was an unexpected and well needed win for DC Comics and Warner Brothers Studios.  Shazam is full of life and laughs from beginning to end. The film delivers on a character that in the past has been used as a secondary character in the animated films. Shazam has something in store for the whole family and is a must see! We follow Billy Batson as he tries to navigate through being a 14-year-old boy, having a new foster family and yes, now superpowers. As the world is built around these concepts it is a great telling of an origin story for this hero.

The films cast really drives this thing in with the chemistry between Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer. Their banter back and forth reels you in hook, line and sinker. Most of the praise going to Levi showing that he can be a great leading man. In addition, he has you believing that he is a 14-year-old stuck in a man’s body and it’s hard to think otherwise. Mark Strong puts in another great villainous performance and without giving anything away it was an awesome villain to start with and one to build on. Glad to see they took a risk and did not go with the obvious villain in Black Adam.

This film has great comedy throughout the film and knows when to poke fun at itself and the superhero movie genre in general. This film creates a story arch that they can build on in movies to come, and one that I think audiences will enjoy watching. Cinema Wise gives Shazam! 4.25 out of 5.  A must see in theaters, and multiple viewings. Now say my name and let my power flow through you…. Shazam!

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