Pet Sematary

After watching It, I was really looking forward to the remake of Pet Sematary. The original 1989 version was probably one of the scariest movies I had seen growing up, but this film just butchers the story. It feels rushed throughout the whole story and I feel that it glosses over some of the more important parts. At best this is a cliff notes version.

The pacing for the film is very fast and choppy. The are plot points to the film that should have been big character development moments that are just non-existent. These parts are needed to show the characters motivations for their actions. There is also a lot of shaken camera motion throughout the film and in my opinion, it is distracting.

The acting isn’t the best in the world, with a cast containing Jason Clarke and John Lithgow, I was expecting more.

Pet Sematary is a choppy, rushed, gloss- over of a movie. It is hard to find a redeemable moment for me in the film. Cinema Wise suggests that you skip this film all together and watch the 1989 version. Cinema Wise gives Pet Sematary a 0.5 out of 5.

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