Detective Pikachu

Do we really need a Pokémon movie? Most of the movie-going audience let this one slip by without a second glance. However, the adults who lived through the rise of the Pokémon craze and the die-hard fans will give the movie a shot.

Detective Pikachu is shot very well and has some great special effects. The
Pokémon shown throughout the film look like the characters we grew up with and fans have learned to love. It is great to see these characters in action and it is fun to watch them on the big screen. But, the story behind this film seems to be to loose and rushed at times. By the time you learn anything about the characters or the plot starts to untwist, you find yourself not caring and just looking at the cute Pokémon on the screen. Some of the character choices and quirks get to be a hindrance on the movie and pull you out of the story.

The cast is a younger cast and seems to have trouble finding its footing throughout the film. Ryan Reynolds carries on with his Deadpool one-liners throughout the film, however they are toned down for children. The film has trouble riding on this charm, as it can’t carry you throughout the entire film.

Detective Pikachu is a beautiful in its CGI, but lacking in substance in all other parts of the film.  Cinema Wise gives Detective Pikachu a 2 out of 5.

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