A solid outing yet again for Disney films. Aladdin was one of the remakes I was very skeptical of as soon as I saw the casting. For me this was one of Robin Williams best performances and it was very hard for me to imagine anyone else taking on this role,even with the caliber of Will Smith. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed myself in this film.

The story is different from the story we know, while still hitting the highlights of the 1992 animated version. We get all the great timeless songs from the original, but they have a new twist on them that can be quite enjoyable. However, I feel that audiences will either hate the new direction or love it. The film centers more around Jasmine, while Aladdin seems to be a minor character in his own movie.

The cast in this film is amazing and gives this familiar story new life. Jasmine is an amazingly strong princess and is what you would want in a princess. Mena Massoud is a great Aladdin. However, I do feel that he is not given much range to show in this film. Will Smith brings a new look on the genie that I thought I would end up hating but wasn’t the worst part of the movie. The miscast for me was Maewan Kenzari. He was not menacing enough to play the villain of Jafar who is sly and cunning and charming. In this film he’s just a whiny little kid who got his toy taken away or that is not getting the attention he thinks he deserves.

Aladdin is a vibrant and beautifully shot movie. The color palette in this film makes the palettes in some of the Marvel movies look dark and muted. This film is enjoyable for the family, but probably only worth seeing one time in the theater. Cinema Wise gives Aladdin a 3 out of 5.

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