Brightburn is a play on one of our oldest and best stories around. Alien from another planet crash lands, is raised by humans and grows to become our great savior. Ringing any bells? Well this is that story flipped on its head. What if the Alien wasn’t here to save us but is something darker?

Brightburn follows the beats of this classic story beat by beat just in an opposite type of way. However, the whole movie you know what’s coming and what to expect, which might lead you to get bored with the film.  The movie has some great moments and is shot well. Timing wise, it seems to drag and leaves you wanting more to happen. When things start to hit the fan though it is very enjoyable. The cast does really well with what they are given through the film. The practical effects in this film are great.  There are points in the film where I felt they could have brought more of this world to life with some explanation of why things were done or not done.

Brightburn is a great attempt to twist a story we are all familiar with, but fails to hit all the notes I think they were going for. While there are shining moments, this film is one to wait on.  It will be worth the viewing at home on your preferred streaming service. Cinema Wise gives Brightburn a 2 out of 5.

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