This film is not what I expected going into the theater. I went in looking for a biopic and ended up sitting through a rock musical. After readjusting my expectations, this film was interesting to sit through. However, I was taken out at times by the placement of the song as it seemed to cut the story off at points where I thought we were going to have important character moments.

The film is visually shot well, but keeps cutting in and out of the musical and biopic. I sense that this was intentionally trying to straddle the line between the 2 but it ends up being a hindrance more than anything else. The performances given by the actors is what seems to keep the film afloat. Taron Egerton further solidifies that he is a top tier actor. He does an amazing job with what he was asked to do and sings the songs beautifully.

Rocketman is a fun film if you enjoy musicals or are a huge fan of Elton John. However, if you are not this film might fall flat for you. Rocketman is shot well and has some great performances in it. Cinema Wise gives Rocketman a 2.75 out of five.

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