Child’s Play

This was a movie that I was taking a big shot on. My gut told me what I was in for and I should have listened. Be prepared, this is a tough one to sit through. This Child’s Play reboot took everything that was great about the series and chucked it out the window. 

The movie hinges on a plot point that happens within the first 5 minutes of the film and it just spirals out of control from there. There is not a lot going on throughout this movie. There are some cool deaths but they could have condensed this film into a 45-minute short that would have served the same purpose.

Chucky looks awful in this film. Even for a robot that is supposed to look like a human, this one is stiff and just weird looking. During the scenes when Chucky was supposed to be creepy, it just didn’t look right and it takes you out of the film.

The only saving grace of this film is the cast. They are doing their best with what they are given and that is nothing. Aubrey Plaza is great with what she has to work with and I think she will make a great scream queen in the future. The horror genre seems to fit her really well and I want to see her do more in this space. With this being my introduction to Brian Tyree Henry, he shows some real likeability and I am excited to see him in upcoming projects. Mark Hamill is fantastic with the voice of Chucky. Unfortunately, his work doesn’t seem to fit with this Chucky doll. 

Child’s Play is forgettable and lacking clear content to keep the audience invested in the film. This will be one to skip and wait for it on your preferred streaming service  Cinema Wise gives Child’s Play a one out of five.

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