The Lion King

Disney brings us yet another animated classic with an updated version of the same story. Luckily, this time around it’s with a story that is as close to perfect as we can get. The film is a shot for shot remake with wonderful new life brought to the screen. Jon Favreau puts another impressive film on to his resume with this one. 

This is a story we all know and love and sticks right to the original source material. With the beautiful CGI it is hard to remember that these animals are not real. You are immediately thrown into this world and with all the breathtaking landscapes and colors, it is easy to get lost in all the wonder. 

The voice actors and actresses do an amazing job with the script and bringing these beloved characters to life. Donald Glover brings to life a new version of Simba. The original seemed to portray Simba as a slacker, yet in this film he seems to be more stunted. It brings a more positive light to a character many were already in love with. However, I was taken out of the film slightly when Nala had any speaking parts, as the delivery of Beyoncé felt stifled and forced. But when it comes to the singing part there is no doubt that these choices were made for that reason. The films songs are beautifully reimagined and instant classics.

The Lion King is a wonderful update to a classic and a must see in the theaters for the whole family. The film is good for multiple viewings. Cinema Wise gives The Lion King a 3.75 out of 5.

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