Good Boys

I really thought this film was going to be great and have a little more than dick and ass jokes. I was wrong. The film relies on these jokes heavily. Despite the elementary humor, there are also some really sweet moments that could have made the movie better if they were presented just a little differently.

The three boys in this film really sell their parts and are enjoyable to watch. I would have loved to see them get into some more hijinks and trouble. However, Jacob Tremblay is the standout of the three. I can see him going on to do more. They could have played more with the storyline of having the next-door neighbors chase them around town. There really could have been some gold in that but they didn’t go that route. The story really seems to be lacking throughout the film.

 Good Boys is a R-rated comedy that has its main attraction wear thin with in the first five minutes. While there are some funny moments there are no real laugh out loud moments and with no help from it’s thin story line, the movie falls short. Cinema Wise gives Good Boys a 2.25 out of 5. This will be one to see on your streaming service if you have nothing better to watch.

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