Ready Or Not

Ready or Not was a movie that I had seen the trailer for and thought – this will either be really good or really bad. As a result, I let some time pass by to see if I heard any positive or negative chatter. I went in to the film with an open mind and came out not knowing exactly how I felt about the film. However, I did think that the film was enjoyable. I believe that there were some elements of the film that I wish they would have played with more as I feel like they could have flushed out the story more.

The cast in the film is good. Samara Weaving has a solid outing and is very enjoyable. I have only seen her in The Babysitter before this however she does fine in this role. I think she can get a lot more work and will grow as an actress. Adam Brody gives a performance that I enjoyed and is different from the characters he usually plays.  The plot is very loose and once you get into the thick of the movie it works well but I wish they would have played with the twist a little more to drive the plot and turn a good movie into a great movie.

Ready or Not is a competent horror movie that I would label more of a horror/comedy. It is enjoyable but may leave you wanting more. Thus, this may be a film that you wait on a streaming service rather than rushing to the theaters to go see. In addition, it is probably only good for one viewing. Cinema Wise gives Ready or Not a 2.75 out of 5.

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