It Chapter Two

It Chapter 2 was probably the most anticipated movie of the year for Cinema Wise. This conclusion was a must see after the first film. After the release of the first trailer this film looked like it was going to expand and exceed its predecessor.  However, this is not the case and lives up to the notion that sequels are not as great as the original. 

This film has all the right parts but it just took some big swings and liberties that fell flat. It is even worse for the people that have lived with Pennywise since they were young. Those that have read the book will likely be disappointed since parts of the story were changed and these changes did not serve the purpose of the story or the characters.

The cast of this film was spot on and all the acting across the board is great. Even some of the lesser known actors really shined throughout this film. Bill Hader and James Ransone are by far the stand outs for the second chapter. Bill Skarsgård gives another excellent performance as Pennywise. Though, I wish they would have upped the scares and use of Pennywise in the film. Pennywise was not as menacing as I would have thought and they seemed to weaken his power from the source material. They also changed some plot points or maybe they were removed from the final cut for time which seemed to weaken the second half of the film. 

The ending of this film is one of the worst I have seen in a while. It takes the tone that was developed over 2 films and completely flips it which is the blaring fault of this film. Nevertheless, we may still have hope as there is talk of a super cut combining of the first and second chapter with some scenes that were shot to make it one cohesive film. 

It Chapter Two is a good film coming behind what was a great film and delivers a lackluster ending to this story. The film is worth the viewing in theaters as the scares are good and it has pitch perfect casting. The films is an overall enjoyable film with points that you may like or dislike. 

Cinema Wise gives It Chapter Two a 3 out of 5.

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