The Good Liar

The Good Liar is a film that is paced very slowly and is dialog driven, but will keep you interested from the opening to the close. The story lies heavily on the performances of its 2 leads in Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren. The film follows a con man as he works his next job. With such a simple premise the performance you get from both of these actors is really an impressive feat. 

The script for the film is wonderful as it drives the entire film forward and most of the film and events are told through this. There is not a lot going on besides the setup of the job and its execution but it is a wonder to watch the bait and switch of the film. The film is slow and methodical in its preparation for the big reveal. 

There is a certain plot point that is given during the reveal that I believed to be messy and unnecessary. The plot would have been just as powerful with this point taken out. However, this would be my only problem with the film. 

The Good Liar is a great drama and will keep you engaged to the end credits. This is one I would recommend watching but you could skip the theater and enjoy this film at home on your selected streaming service. Cinema Wise gives The Good Liar a 3 out of 5.

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